the next steps

Incoming Clients

1. Signing contract$1000.00 deposit is required.

2. Iceberg Pools will submit plans to necessary jurisdiction for permits

3. Iceberg Pools will notify homeowner when permit is pulled and excavation is on schedule

4. Excavation: Usually takes 12 days depending on pool. Iceberg Pools will take down necessary fence. Please refer to contract for details

5. First Installment is due the day of excavation

6. Plumbing

7. Rebar

8. Inspection after rebar and before gunite. Iceberg Pools will notify homeowner day of inspection. Homeowner does not need to be home for this inspection.

9. Homeowner needs to select their tile and interior colors and give to Iceberg Pools

10. Gunite. Iceberg Pools will let homeowner know when gunite is on the schedule.

11. 2nd Installment due day of pouring gunite

12. Water line tile

13. Bond wire

14. Inspection: Homeowner does not need to be home for this inspection

15. Grading and forming for concrete

16. Pour concrete

17. 3rd Installment due day of pouring concrete

18. Equipment delivered

19. Equipment placed

20. Door alarms and safety requirements placed

21. Final Inspection-Homeowner will need to be home to meet inspector (or make arrangements to have someone at the home). Inspector has to verify door alarms.

22. Interior: Plaster can start filling that same day. Matrix requires an acid wash usually the following day but it depends on New Image’s schedule.

23. Acid Wash for matrix interior

24. Fill Pool

25. Homeowner will receive a “What Now” document stating what is needed from homeowner as pool fills up

26. Start up: A Service professional will get equipment running and balance the Ph. of the pool. He will put necessary chemicals in the pool. He will do a walk through with homeowner and show how the equipment works.

27. Final payment is due after final walk through with pool service professional,

28. Iceberg Pools will pay for one month of pool service. Homeowner will need to locate their own service professional after the one month.

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