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The 10 Phases of the Pool Process

Building a pool can be very stressful for our homeowners.  You have approved the design, signed the contract, permits are in hand and now we are ready to get started.  But now what? Here is a quick snapshot of what you can expect at each phase of the pool construction process!


The First Phase

of the construction pool process is the Excavation. Grass is stripped, pool is laid out, forms are up and the excavator is there with his machine to remove the dirt. Usually takes 1-3 days depending on the size/ depth and the shape of the pool.

The Second Phase

is Electrical/Plumbing.  Trenching for all the rough plumbing and electrical conduit will take place.

The Third Phase

is Steel placement.  The pool will be reinforced with re-bar/steel per code.  

The Fourth Phase

is Gunite.  Once the inspection has passed, gunite will be applied.  This is the stage where you really see the pool taking its shape.  This phase is exciting. The homeowner should water down the gunite a couple of times a day for the first few days.

The Fifth Phase

is tile.  The water line tile will be applied.  Grading to prepare for concrete and bonding wire will be placed around the pool to get ready for the next inspection.

The Sixth Phase

is concrete decking.  After the per-deck inspection is complete, the concrete will be completed.  The concrete cantilevers over the edge of the pool to make a smooth transition between the pool and the decking.

The Seventh Phase

encompasses many different things.  This is the stage that equipment will be set, alarms are put on for the safety requirements, the pool gets cleaned out and prepped for interior, and the fence gets put back up (if needed).

The Eighth Phase

is Interior! This is where the plaster/matrix is applied.  Once we know that the final inspection has passed, then we are able to move forward.  Depending on which material will determine how to care for it right away. Plaster, once applied, pool is immediately filling up.  The homeowner will need to begin to brush it once the pool has been filled up completely Matrix has an extra step called Acid wash.  Either that day of matrix application, or the next day, the acid wash will take place and then the pool can begin to be filled up.  

The Ninth Phase: 

Once we know that the pool is full, the start up professional will get the equipment running and make sure the PH of the pool is balanced.  He will return continuously for the first month to make sure everything is working exactly like it should.

The Tenth Phase

is final walk through.  The start up professional will meet with the homeowner to explain how to use all the equipment. We will meet with the homeowner to make sure everything is exactly like they wanted.

And that is our 10 phases of the Pool Process that new owner should know about. We hope this information is helpful to all of you!  Pop over to our contact page to contact us to get started today!

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